Accurate Plating is Proud to have a full compliance with all Federal, State of California and local environmental regulations. We also have a fully equipped laboratory operated by a trained personnel to constantly monitor our plating solutions and keep them within proper operation ranges. 

   Our QC inspection department has all the measurement and inspection equipment necessary to ensure a quality product within governmental specification. With the coming of the environmental conscious society came the need for chemical process changes. We were among the first to convert from cyanide base chemicals for our plating baths

"Working Together...Growing Together...That's Accurate Plating"

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Dr. Chang teaches Zeff Reyes in how to always improve the water system treatment 
Dr. Cheng-Nan Chang, PhD, P.E. 
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE)
College of Engineering
Tung Hai University (THU), 
Taichung, Box 5-819 
Taiwan 407,